Eco-Troubadour School Assemblies & Kids Programs

Edu-tainment at its best!

All Stan Slaughter's Eco-Troubadour school programs feature MP3's and/or a multi-media CD sent in advance to prepare the students to sing along. Valuable resources, graphics and links extend the learning now and for years to come.  Contact Stan to discuss your program needs.

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Programs include: 
Food Waste Reduction and Composting:
Grades 3-12, 45 minutes  Powerpoint, music and student involvement. Custom designed for your group and setting.
In response to EPA's recent push to reduce food waste going to landfill (It's now the largest single component of the waste stream), Stan has developed this timely and fun program for 3rd grade through HIgh School. Drawing from his rich trove of "organic" songs (especially his album, Rot N' Roll) and adding an hilarious new rap entitled- Food Too Good to Waste, Stan ensures that the music will be both lively, participatory and timely.
Another favorite feature of the program is the Mini-Compost Pile Build. A student volunteer feels and smells the contents of plastic bags of compost ingredients-leading to predicable laughter. The program also familiarizes students with the role of helpful bacteria in our lives, in particular the very trendy microbiome of the soil and the gut. 
Using content from EPA's public materials and clever tips for handling food, students learn the landscape of Food Waste Reduction and the best way to recycle waste food- Composting.

Singing for the Earth:
For lower elementary grades K-3, 20-30 minutes.  Custom designed for your group and setting. 

This eco-assembly features classic environmental education songs taught with hand motions and short segues.  It’s a concert with everyone singing!  The songs and subjects can be chosen to be appropriate for many ages, topics and settings such as  Earth Day, and special environmental events of all kinds. 

Recycling is in the Bag:
For grades 3-8, 45 minutes. Can be customized.
Presented since 1993, this fun musical recycling program features fabulous songs and Stan’s lively sense of humor.  Key points are interconnectedness, stewardship and the four R’s - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink.  Covers recycling, composting and household hazardous waste.  The program features student involvement onstage, singing and using their bodies in rhythm.
Compost, It’s the Most:
For grades 3-8, 45 minutes.  (Grade 9-12 version available)
This fun eco-assembly program focuses on gardening and composting food and yard waste. Big picture concepts such as The Carbon Cycle and our interconnectedness with all of life are combined with the work of tiny bacteria in decomposing leaves. Four fun songs are included in the program. The importance of earthworms and the two major types are featured. This overview of “organic recycling” is an important primer for 21st century citizens as resource recovery and reuse become more important.
kids with red wiggler worms
Worms and Dirt: 
For upper elementary grades 3-6,  45-60 minutes.  For smaller groups of under 60 students.
A unique school eco-program featuring special worm songs, Power Point slides, and a live worm experience. Students are challenged to learn the habitat needs, food needs and ecological role of red wiggler worms. As the last activity the students break up into groups of 5-6 and receive a section of an active worm colony in a flat container. The students spread out on the floor and get face to face with the worms. They identify adult, juvenile and baby worms as well as the cocoons from which the babies emerge. There is a question and answer session about the colony and its needs. Comes with a resource CD of songs and data. Starter colonies of red wiggler worms and worm posters are available as a part of the package of services.
These eco-assemblies and programs are designed by Stan Slaughter, one of America’s most experienced environmental educators.   With a Master’s Degree in Biology, a decade of classroom teaching, and years of presenting to students Stan knows how to tie his presentations into curriculum objectives.  As a result the programs are educationally sound, timely, motivating and fun,  fine tuned to the abilities and interests of today’s students. 
Awards and Honors
Chosen by HRH Prince Charles as the sole American to speak at his first Annual Garden Festival at his environmental estate, Highgrove Gardens April, '16

Missouri Environmental Educator of the Year

Kansas Waste Reduction Hall of Fame

U.S. Composting Council Educator of the Year

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Stan Slaughter head shotThe Eco-Troubadour Programs for Adults  

Eco-Keynotes for your Organization’s event. 

Stan is a lively, inspiring and visionary presenter.  Combining his Master’s in Biology with a lifetime of educational experience, and linking it all to current affairs, he will make you look good and inspire your audience. 

He excels at translating complex issues into memorable bite-sized, take-home messages.  Add in his talent as a musician and broad repertoire of songs about the environment and you have the perfect combination for your group.

Stan takes the time to understand your audience and to be “at home” with them wherever that might be. 

 Contact Stan about a keynote or workshop for your group.  

Workshop presentations

Stan's adult workshop and keynote topics include:


  • The Soil Will Save Us- "The most hopeful environmental speech I've ever heard,"   Mike McCord -Green Team Leader, Unity of Overland Park, Kansas 
  • Compost 101
  • Energy Conservation 101
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Existing Homes or Small Businesses
  • Recycling and Resource Conservation
  • Growing and Using Worms
  • Sustainable Living
  • Songs of the Environmental Movement

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