Quotes from Environmental Officials/Executives


“Stan Slaughter’s lighthearted and fact-filled presentations really capture an audience.  The ‘Teenager in Wasteland’ rap is brilliant (hilarious)!  It’s  one of the few songs parents and kids can discuss together.  Stan’s lively and fun educational music presentation is a great way to get the hazardous materials message out.  He has an entire album on hazardous waste, which is very creative!”

Ray Carveth, President, NAHMMA, Seattle Washington

North American Hazardous Materials Management Association



“Stan Slaughter is the Eco-Troubadour par excellence!  Captivating audiences with his messages of Earth stewardship, Stan musically entertains students and adults alike, while teaching them about everything from composting to pollution prevention.  Equally talented as a lyricist, musician and educator, Stan’s visit to a classroom or special event is a remarkable experience, not soon forgotten.  In fact, Stan Slaughter’s combination of teaching and musical skills make him one of the great environmental educator entertainers of our time!”

Dr. Karen I. Shragg, Naturalist and Director, Wood Lake Nature Center, Richfield, MN

and author of nature books for children.



“Stan Slaughter is the thoroughbred of the environmental educators I’ve hired.  Second place is not even close.”

       Michael Patton, Tulsa’s Metropolitan Environmental Trust, Tulsa, OK

                                                                 Former Board Member, National Recycling Coalition



“I’ve personally experienced the great joy and lift that Stan’s music can bring to environmental education.  It’s effective because it’s so much fun!  Stan sends a clear message that environmental education can be fun, informative, and effective.”

Scott Cassel, Director, Product Stewardship Institute, Lowell, MA

Former President of NAHMMA/North American Hazardous Materials Management Association



“Thanks for your many years of excellent presentations.  You have been extremely important in educating the young people of Jefferson City about recycling!”

Gala Jaramillo, Division Director, Environmental Services

Jefferson City, MO


“Stan Slaughter presents a superb mix of engaging and entertaining music along with practical, informative content!  He’s very professional and unquestionably reliable.  Stan has been a great environmental education resource for years!  It’s time to spread the word about Stan and the service and benefits he delivers to schools and community audiences.”

                                                       John Stufflebean, Director

 Former Head Kansas City Department of Environmental Management, Kansas City, MO

Former City Manager, Tucson, AZ

Former Director of Environment, Santa Cruz, CA

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